The strtegic needs of the community are addressed through the sub-committee at the sub-locational level. The sub committee leaders are appointed by the council of elders on the basis of their percieved ability to deliver in those committees. Most of the professionals are utilized here. Each sub-committee leader then constitutes his full sub-committee of at least seven members. All the committeees meet and elect their own executive of 9 members.

This is called technical executive committee of the society. the sub committee leaders are called technical heads of departments. (Tech. HOD) wh implement the following programs.

  1. Security
  2. Education
  3. Water
  4. Health
  5. Agriculture and lifestock
  6. Business development
  7. Political institutions development
  8. Environment and natural resources
  9. Land regstration and planning
  10. Community development
  11. Tourism
  12. Roads
  13. Youth development
  14. Energy