About us

Core Values

Integrity, innovativeness and efficiency

Our vision

To guarantee Makindu people a model district with vibrant economic, social and political manifesto and infrastructure that permits abundant health, wealth and general prosperity.

Our Mission

To compliment the role of government staff, elected leaders and development partners in mainstreaming broad and responsible participation of the Makindu people; to plan, implement, monitor, evaluate and sustain development initiatives taking place in the district; in line with Vision 2030 Development Strategy.

The Society

This is a registered society of the Makindu people to represent them in the district development stakeholders forum whose main task is to develop workable blue print that would guide planning, and implementation of the vision 2030 development strategy; putting in place monitoring to sustainability guidelines for the whole process.

The society has been assigned the task of actualizing development concepts in their present or modified form, identifying more local flagship development projects, assisting the coordinating or sponsoring agents in planning, implementation, evaluation and ensuring sustainability of these projects. We also have the task of ensuring that the community is part and parcel of every development initiative by mobilizing and educating them to participate in the projects. We further strive to achieve solidarity, harmony, accord, concord and generally good welfare of present and future members of our society in this vast rural district of Makindu.