Our projects

To articulate and actualize our objectives the Makindu Elders’ Society has created a 2 sister institutions namely;

  • Makindu Awake – LTD
  • Athiani ma Makueni Organization. (AMMO Priority)

The society works with Government, Community and other enablers through its Secretariat.

Priority Undertakings

  1. Elders’ Secretariat Office.(Seed Money of Ksh700,000 to be sourced from CDF. Proposal already accepted by patron Hon. Philp Kaloki).
  2. Government Linkage through Stakeholders’ Forum.
  3. Collection of Community views.

Social Audit of established and proposed community projects to take stock of what already exists before embarking on further proposals.

Action plans are derived from the community views collected and presented as development concepts i.e. in the Concept Paper.

Main events or projects already undertaken

  1. Security Training– Samorai Consultants By (Dr. Patric Musimba)
  2. Education Computer for schools – Computers donated by National Bank to Ikungu Secondary School.
  3. Agriculture food security and community empowerment  – Green House Project by Greenlife EA Ltd.
  4. Purchase of 1 acre plot for the office and tree seedlings' nursery accomplished on 9/2/2013 at a cost of Kshs. 110,000. This project is a partnership between Makindu Elders Society and Marcus Apelros of Sweeden.
  5. Forktale events with school children within Makindu District also sponsered by Marcus Apelros. Competition Finals to be done on 16th Feb, 2013 at Shine Star Kai High School Makindu

Events pending

  1. County Development Stakeholders - Training and co-ordination in partnership with other costituency forums
  2. Tree Planting in the entire Kibwezi West constituency. Target of 100,000 tree seedlings to be planted and given 4-months care at a cost of Ksh. 730 per tree, every October. Progress to be reported and celebrated every 5th of June each year during World Environment Day.

"We are asking other stakeholders to join us to save and maintain our environment."