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  • Establish nursery/pre-unit facility in every primary school. CDF committees should be asked to facilitate this.
  • Ensure availability of qualified staff in appropriate ratio to the pupils.
  • Streamline staff enumeration system.
  • Establish one school for pupils with special needs in the district.
  • Establish one college specializing in early childhood development in the district.


  • Target high performance in KCPE.
  • Ensure ALL children of school going age do actually go to school.
  • Target the provision of QUALITY education in all schools (academics, co-curricula).
  • Identify two primary schools in each administrative division to promote and develop as centers of excellence.
  • Encourage primary schools to initiate income generating activities and expense saving projects (poultry, dairy cows).
  • Development of education infrastructure (classrooms, labs, workshops, etc).
  • Facilitate PTA at division and district level with credible members.
  • Introduce competitive reward system in schools for best overall student per class, KCPE, most improved student, best teacher etc.
  • Introduce different categories of competitive trophies in academics and co-curriculum (Best overall student boy/girl; best student by subject; best teacher by performance, best school in event/national examinations etc.
  • Lobby for sponsors of all the pupils admitted to national and special schools.
  • Try to ensure that all the genuinely needy pupils have access to bursary.
  • Encourage/assist teachers to join KNEC as examiners.
  • Encourage/assist teachers to join KIE forums.
  • Ensure each school has electricity, water and ICT labs.