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  1. Try to ensure ALL qualifying KCPE graduates do access uninterrupted secondary school education, especially those admitted to national schools.
  2. Target ROBUST, ROUND and QUALITY education that ensures that all secondary school graduates have capacity to make a decent living from their education.
  3. Establish good day schools where the populations and needs so dictate.
  4. Target that most kcse candidates acquire grades that qualify them to join post secondary institutions. Follow up should be made to ensure reasonably good destiny for all the leavers.
  5. Development of education infrastructure (class rooms, labs, workshops, libraries e.t.c.
  6. Introduce a competitive reward for all kcse candidates qualifying to join public universities.
  7. Identify one secondary school in each administrative division to promote and develop as centers of excellence.
  8. Identify one school in the district and develop it to specialize in specific subject areas like pure sciences, fine arts, technical subjects like wood technology, metal work, mechanical production, electrical production, home science etc (like former technical schools)
  9. Encourage and facilitate all secondary schools to initiate income generating activities and expense saving projects (poultry, dairy. etc)
  10. Facilitate development of value co curricular activities like music, drama, games, sports/ athletics, martial arts. Etc.
  11. Introduce competitive reward system in schools for the best overall student per class, kcse, most improved student, best teacher. Etc.
  12. Introduce different categories of different trophies in academics and co curricular (best overall student by subject/ event, best teacher by performance, best school in event/ national examinations. Etc.
  13. Facilitate PTA at division and district level.
  14. Encourage/ assist teachers to join KNEC as examiners.
  15. Encourage/ assist teachers to join KIE forums.
  16. Facilitate development of student exchange programmes with the international community.
  17. Facilitate establishment of guidance and counseling departments with qualified personnel in all schools.
  18. Establish bursary committees to continuously mobilize and source funds for bursaries.