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1.    The implementation process requires large capital input.
2.    Finance mobilization strategy must be developed by stakeholders.
3.    Discuss funds with respect to;-
o    Budget 
o    Account Management
o    Spending procedures
4.    Set priorities in spending
5.    Spell out clearly the responsibilities of the various stakeholders i.e.
(a)    Society (Education Subcommittee)
o    Data collection & storage
o    Web management.
o    Develop criteria for qualification and awarding of bursaries.
o    Community Mobilization
o    Monitoring, evaluation  & reporting on progress
o    Identification  and correspondence with sponsors or facilitators of various projects(including proposal writing)
o    Researching and presenting useful material to stakeholders
o    Be signatories.
(b)    DEOs Office & School Managers
o    Provide data or facilitate its collection
o    Remain the main advisers on the whole scheme
o    Supervise  the whole team
o    Give parents and teachers confidence in the scheme
o    Develop motivation strategies in the scheme
o    Give guidance on curriculum as stipulated by the Ministry of Education
o    Set minimum standards of qualification for head teachers, BOGs. SMCs and PTA members.
o    Design motivation packages for teachers, students/pupils and any other persons as may be considered necessary.
o    Develop criteria for upgrading or elevation of particular schools to  higher status
o    Recommend the development of infrastructure in the schools.