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(c)    PTAs, BOGs, SMCs, Parents
o    Interpretation of the stakeholders deliberations to the entire  community,
o    Advising the stakeholders on the amount of monies collectable from parents to cater for particular aspects of the budgets as may be prescribed by the stakeholders.
o    Assisting the DEOs office in dissemination of government policies to the entire community.
o    Monitoring, evaluation, reporting and signing of the bank account together with the Education Sub Committee Members

Development Targets

•    All pupils’ entry into schools should be documented and a follow up made to eventual and appropriate destiny with clear records on discipline, class attendance, in class and out of class performance and ability to pay school monies.
•    ECD teachers should be availed to all schools to help pre-school pupils.
•    Special teachers should be availed for those who require special attention.
•    Boarding schools should be availed for pupils with special needs.
•    Talented pupils – both in curriculum and non curriculum activities should be identified early in advance and have their talents nurtured and developed.
•    Appropriate attention should be given to pupils of below average academic ability.
•    Pupils sitting external exams should be noted. The exam results should be analyzed for corrective attention. This would help the teachers to identify areas of improvement on the pupils, teaching staff, the schools and eventually the entire district.
•    The examinees should be appropriately counseled and advised on the appropriate school for secondary education depending on their aptitude.
•    Follow up should be made into their secondary schools and appropriate forums developed to ensure they remain part of this system and to the right goals.
•    Those who are genuinely unable to pay school fees should be assisted through local and external institutions that offer such support. Appropriate criteria shall be developed to determine who deserves such assistance and record of those on bursary from a certain institution shall be kept to ensure the same is not duplicated by a different institution.
•    Motivation must always be enforced to encourage ambition in career development and maintenance of good conduct in character. Parents shall be encouraged to facilitate this motivation through the district PTAs.
•    Religious inclination should be encouraged along the whole education system to avoid developing clever devils or devil incarnates. Mainstream religious institutions have been asked to play a leading role in this.
•    Career development should be instilled towards end of secondary education to guide on the appropriate university faculties.
•    Those who qualify for university courses should be encouraged to remain focused through appropriate forums where advanced guidance and counseling is maintained by appropriate experts. This group should be used as role models to motivate the younger cadres in lower education classes.
•    Those who don’t qualify to join university should be encouraged to join tertiary training colleges for certificate/diploma courses to acquire skills leading to formal or informal employment.
•    Where no formal training has been attained, there should be spirited attempt to link them to practicing persons for informal training in the jobs of their choices. This arrangement should be formalized with the appropriate offices so that the corresponding certification can be conferred to the qualifiers
•    Private and public institutions should be developed to offer guidance, counseling and rehabilitation assistance where necessary.