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Long Term Development Goals

1.    Every school should have water and electricity.
2.    Every school to have income generating activity.
3.    Every school to have basic learning facilities such as books, teaching aids, computers etc.
4.    The district should gradually have the following;-
a)    Children’s Education Park. This one is already in progress as a joint project of Wacal Kenya (a local NGO) and American Peace Cops. They are also building a cultural Museum.
b)    Two Model Schools (Class E) of National Status. One for boys, one for girls.
c)    At least 4 schools of Provincial status. Two for boys, two for girls.
d)    Every other school to be fully equipped with learning facilities.
e)    One technical school.
f)    One technical training institute offering diplomas and higher diplomas.
g)    A college offering diplomas in health professions.
h)    A college offering certificate and diplomas in agriculture and veterinary sciences.
i)    One ECD College.
j)    One P1 Training College.
k)    One School for Special Educational needs.
l)    One Diploma Teacher Training College.
m)    One Polytechnic that can offer diplomas and higher diplomas in various disciplines.
n)    At least one polytechnic in every division.
o)    One University or a University Campus.