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Development of youth through the school system has already been addressed exhaustively under education.

Youth shall be directed or assisted to achieve formal or informal employment for self reliance and sustainability.


All youth in the district upon leaving their training institutions shall enroll with this society and deposit their CVs with the administrator of the society.

The society shall assist in identifying the relevant employment outlets available that correspond to their training.

This involves self employment .its the Juakali  employment.   The individual must be physically and psychologically prepared to participate in it. They must be certain what they want to venture in.
The society offers to assist as follows;
1.    Contact particular institutions for facilitation on;-
a.    Business management
b.    Finance management
c.    Personnel administration
d.    Saving and investment
e.    General entrepreneurship
2.    Contact particular government or non governmental organizations to train the particular youth on
a.    Tree planting & large scale tree nursery establishment.
b.    Poultry farming
c.    Fish farming
d.    Bee keeping
e.    Any other venture
3.    Contact particular individuals to train particular youth in;
a.    Music and choir performance
b.    Drama
c.    Poetry writing and reciting
d.    Fine art and design
e.    Sports and athletics      
4.    Any other venture that may prove valuable.