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This group should be assisted, cared and maintained to retain their dignity and esteem in their ‘sunset’ years as follows;
a.    Make a follow up on the government promise of giving allowance to the elderly persons and ensure a clear register of all those who meet the requirement in our district.
b.    Organize affordable and descent healthcare. The society shall endeavor to lobby for sponsors to facilitate this.
c.    Organize and facilitate recreational activities for them
d.    Where attention is difficult to attain at their homes, effort shall be made towards construction of homes for them and professional caretakers assigned to them.
The stakeholders shall establish the criteria and qualification for this assistance.

The society intents to keep a clear record of these members and group them according to needs. Appropriate attention will be accorded to the various groups. Appropriate facilitators shall be sought with regard to particular groups for the necessary attention
Women in the community represent the lowest economic cadre, characterized by low education and some little income or none of both. They thrive on traditional stereotype activities to survive.  This group being the majority, they represent the true income per capita in the community. It is the reference group in the community.